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I ordered a $1,300 dinette online and had it shipped to my home in Georgia.Then when I opened the table top box to assemble the table the edge of the table top was crushed, even though the carton was in good shape.

Apparently the damage was from rough handling during shipment. I immediately telephoned Dinette Gallery and e-mailed in photographs of the damage as they requested. To make a long story short, Dinette Gallery will not replace the damaged top.

They said that because I signed for the delivery they had no responsibility and the problem is mine, even though it was hidden damage.I am currently contacting the Better Business Bureau and various government offices for assistance and letting other consumers like you know not to buy online from Dinette Gallery.

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I would like to know what "Tony" would say if a damaged product he paid over $1,000 for showed up at his home and everyone said "Well, you should've read the fine print. Yep, it is broken but now it is your problem...thanks for the payment!"


It is unfortunate that on sites like this there is only one side of the story that is told. Not the part where the consumers do not abide by how things should be proceeded with to which they are told up front to do. Nor do they say they were taken care of even though it was outside of the guidelines to do so by the WHOLE story.


then why did you sign? idiots!


this place did the same thing to me

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